Kumbarilla Renewable Energy Park

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Kumbarilla Renewable Energy Park

쿰바릴라 신재생 에너지 파크 태양광 에너지를 통한 탈탄소화

Comprising a 100MW solar farm for green energy production.

Generates clean energy the equivalent of 30,000 homes , 35,000 petrol cars driven over a year, or 2,691,000 tree seedlings planted and grown for 10 years.

Support and funding from Korea and Australia combining expertise.




About the Project

Kumbarilla Renewable Energy Park (K-REP) is a utility scale solar farm with a capacity of 100MW located in the Western Downs region of Queensland Australia.

The project is co-developed by Elecseed, a Korean-Australian company, and KOMIPO, a Korean government owned power generation company located in South Korea. KOMIPO provide around 10% of Korea’s total generation capacity. Globally, KOMIPO has over 20GW of power plants in operation or under development and construction.

The project will utilise tier 1 technology, leveraging of the World’s leading manufacturers such as SMA Inverters from Germany. No compromises have been made nor will they through the construction as quality, safety, and reputation are of paramount importance to the stakeholders. The solar array will be supported to maximise the energy yield through the use of trackers capable of backtracking and irradiance optimisation.
Regarding energy yield, a yield assessment has been performed using intrinsic software and weather data indicating an annual yield of 221,561MWh.

The development has followed all the processes to achieve approvals with the State and Federal Government, as well as the regional council. The stakeholders have also formed a relationship with the Barangum people and signed a comprehensive Cultural Heritage Plan. Tier 1 consultants have been used to support the project from the very beginning to ensure a thorough and robust process.
The green energy generated will enter into the transmission grid and provide green energy to local homes and businesses.

The solar farm has an asset life of around 35-40 years and will use local companies and resources for the construction as well as the operation and maintenance.


The Earth is challenged by climate change and pollution, leading to an uncertain future. The K-REP Solar farm is using the natural resource of the Sun, generating green energy into the electrical grid and reducing reliance upon fossil fuels.

The Solar Farm will use the latest technology photovoltaic solar cells with bi-facial energy production, generating green power through the day in a region of Australia that enjoys an abundance of sunshine. Through this, the following will be achieved (Egis Group 3rd party Calculations) :

162,790 tonnes of reduction in carbon dioxide emissions (equivalent) is comparable to:

This is a significant contribution to decarbonisation and will support the path to net zero, leading by example. The project is supported by local and international companies and will use local labour to support the installation and on-going maintenance.

Western Downs

Kumbarilla is a town and rural locality in the Western Downs RegionQueensland, Australia.

The town is just 37 KM from the town of Dalby, and 244 KM from Brisbane.

Kumbarilla is surrounded by gas fields and processing plants, the Shell QGC Ruby Jo gas facility being immediately adjacent.

The solar irradiance is particularly high in this part of Australia making it an ideal location for solar farms, whilst provides regional jobs over several years of operation to the local community.

Working with our partners, to change the world for the better.



We are living in a significant time as nations and companies decarbonise their assets to meet aligned global targets and provide for a cleaner future.

Elecseed is a progressive Renewable Energy Developer and Consultancy providing innovation, technical eminence, funding, and multifaceted solutions to deal with the paradigm shift in how we generate, manage, and consume energy.

Visit the Elecseed website.

With offices in Seoul Korea and Brisbane Australia, Elecseed identifies and leads specific market needs, not only to propel our drive to a greener future but also satisfy the immediate economic needs and demands.

We have experience across the Asia Pacific in bringing the right partners to develop solutions across renewables including Photovoltaics, Wind, Hydrogen and Battery Storage technology, leveraging off strategic financial and engineering expertise.

Join us in our tenacious journey to a more sustainable and responsible world, driving the future of renewable energy solutions.

News & Media

Interview from Daniel Kim, the Commissioner of TIQ

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Korean Government Grant for K-REP

We are very much proud because we’re working with the best partners and colleagues in the journey for the Kumbarilla Renewable Energy Park (K-REP) Project. Thanks to our best partners and colleagues’ efforts, Korean Ministry of Environment has approved a

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Land Lease Agreement on Further Development

On 26 May 2020, we have agreed to used additional land (approx. 200Ha) for the 2nd stage solar farm and green hydrogen facilities with 80MW electrolysis in the near future. According to National Hydrogen Roadmap by CSIRO of Australia, and

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WDRC Decision Notice on DA Approval

The application by Elecseed Pty Ltd will see a photovoltaic solar farm constructed at a vacant 200-hectare site on Kumbarilla Lane, Kumbarilla. Western Downs Regional Council Mayor McVeigh said the project would offer another injection in the local economy, with

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